artifacts, natuRE & the heavens

Let’s start at the beginning. Deeply shaped by his upbringing in a 1770 Connecticut farmhouse, Mic Urban was raised by antique-loving parents that understood the importance of travel in their children's lives. He realized at a young age the value of quality, culture and design.

His desire to perfect his Spanish led him to Puerto Rico in his teens, where graduated from the University of Puerto Rico. The lushness of the island and tropical life enchanted him.

Influenced by the dichotomy of New England and the Caribbean, he began to upcycle antique silverware into wearable art. Unawarely, this was the beginning of Mic’s jewelry making career.

Mic’s style and techniques have developed over the course of 8 years. He continued his studies at La Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México in Taxco under the tutelage of master silversmiths who shun machine-made, mass-produced jewelry. Making many of his tools by hand, Mic learned techniques such as pre-Columbian casting, used by ancient Aztecs.

Mic’s interest in all things ancients is what keeps him exploring aesthetics from around the world.  While designs vary, there are undeniable similarities in cultures which are oceans apart.  Lines, dots, and spirals are arranged in similar patterns, bringing him to the conclusion that there are elements that unite us all as humans. Mic’s jewelry has become his expression of the elements that join us all. He lives and works in Puerto Rico, the Island of Enchantment.