La Mano - Mixed Metal

La Mano - Mixed Metal


Brass pendant with .925 sterling silver chain.

La Mano is an amulet meant to manifest your hidden strength. Universally recognized as a symbol of protection, the hand has been documented since antiquity, with the first amulets originating from Ancient Egypt in 820 B.C. The meaning of La Mano is different depending on how its worn. When worn palm-outwards, La Mano blesses you with luck, fertility and abundance. When worn with the palm-inwards, it's a powerful symbol of protection against negative energy. I felt inspired to re-work this ancient symbol to create "La Mano" as a symbol of resistance against the colonial status of Puerto Rico. This amulet is meant to remind us of the innate power that lies within all of us. Together, we are invincible.

1-2 weeks for production.

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